Our Faculty

Tricia Morrow

At NS since: the beginning
Position: Director
Education: B.A. (elementary & special education), Knox College; graduate work in educational management and parenting studies
Fun facts:
  • Tricia’s teaching experience and lots of elbow grease proved helpful as she joined Joyce and John Mallory in the formation of Neighborhood School.
  • Tricia and her husband Scott are proud parents of NS alums Anna, Michaela, and Nick.
  • From her rural upbringing, Tricia brings a pig collection and a sense of small-town connectedness to our school.

Joyce Mallory

At NS since: the beginning
Position: Level 3 teacher; Special Education coordinator
Education: M.Ed. (special education), UMass Boston. Joyce helps us to keep track of learning differences and specific methods of instruction and assessment to meet individual needs.
Fun facts:
  • In 1986, with her late husband, John, Joyce brought her pre-school through middle school teaching experience to the formation of NS. Joyce is also mother to two adult sons, Jared and Jon Marc, and grandmother to Lila Rae and Dylan!
  • Children associate Joyce with music, frogs, cats, and coffee.

Donna DeVaughn

At NS since: the beginning (with a hiatus teaching in the Boston Public Schools and the Atrium School)
Position: Learning Skills & Level 2 literacy specialist
Education: M.Sc.Ed., C.A.G.S. (special education), Wheelock College
Fun facts:
  • "Our school is alive with the sound of music." Donna’s passions include singing, drumming, and recorder with a dash of piano and guitar.
  • "Have they left home yet?" Donna is the proud parent of young adults Christina, Adrienne, and Tamara, and proud grandmother of Kyrieh, Joshua, and Josiah!

Shari Zakon Feibel

At NS since: 1989
Position: Level 2 teacher, Level 3 science teacher, Level 4 journalism teacher
Education: M.Ed. (elementary ed.), George Washington University
Fun facts:
  • Shari is the proud mother of NS alumni Sam and Eli
  • Shari speaks 4 languages: English (hello), Spanish (hola), Hebrew (shalom), and Russian.
  • Vindicated: Shari kept the faith for many years. Go, Sox!

Scott Morrow

At NS since: 1995, when he and Tricia began sharing administrative duties along with home care of their children.
Position: Renaissance man; board member, financial officer, maintenance impresario, and Phys Ed teacher par excellence
Education: M.Div., Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary
Fun facts:
  • Basketball, the trumpet, and fatherhood are among Scott’s passions.
  • Get the scoop: Scott’s freezer is usually well-stocked with ice cream of various flavors.

Jai Johnson Underhill

At NS since: 1998
Position: Art teacher
Education: School of the Museum of Fine Arts (jewelry & metalsmithing), including work as a teaching assistant
Fun facts:
  • Jai began her association with NS in 1991 when her daughter, Emma, enrolled in Level 1.
  • Jai has also taught tap dancing to kids and adults since 2001.
  • Jai makes her mark on the NS community as costume mistress for our school plays.

Drew Curtis

At NS since: 1999
Position: Level 4 teacher
Education: B.A. (anthropology), Washington University
Fun facts:
  • Drew’s background in writing and editing is the impetus for wonderful writing projects in Level 4.
  • No parking? No problem! Proud parent of Max (alum) and Jesse (Level 3), Drew lives within walking distance of NS.

Steven Yakutis

At NS since: 2006
Position: Drama teacher
Education: M.F.A., Emerson College
Fun facts:
  • Steve is the proud papa of two NS alums, Sokra and Mey.
  • Steve is also a member of the performing arts faculty at Emerson College.

Johnny Charpentier Johnson

At NS since: 2007
Position: Drama and Dance Teacher since 2007, Music and Rap Around Teacher since 2015
Education: B.A. (Theater & Dance performance), Oberlin College
Fun facts:
  • Johnny was one of NS’s first students, joining Level 1 in January of 1988.
  • Johnny has been teaching or assisting at Neighborhood School almost continuously since graduating in 1994 (with a short hiatus to do some traveling and studying), including several years of circus and drama camp counseling as a pre-teen and teen!
  • Johnny is also an instructor and administrator at Esh Circus Arts in Somerville, and sings with two different soul bands, including one co-run with Johnny’s dad, J. Johnson.

Peg Bonnice

At NS since: 2011
Position: Level 2 teacher
Education: M.Ed., UMass Boston
Fun facts:
  • Peg previously worked in the Boston Public Schools as a classroom teacher, math specialist, and administrator.
  • Some of Peg's hobbies—quilting and sewing—involve using her favorite subject, math!
  • Playing pretend with her grandchildren is one of Peg's favorite pastimes.

Tracy Pimentel

At NS since: 2014
Position: Level 1 Teacher
Education: M.Ed. (early childhood education), Lesley University
Fun facts:
  • Tracy completed a practicum at Neighborhood School with Level 2 back in 2005 during her undergraduate days at Lesley University.
  • She lives in Roslindale with her husband Angel and her son Ezra.
  • Level 1 students will have fun discovering which four languages Tracy can speak!

Lisa Nam

At NS since: 2016
Position: Level 4 teacher
Education: B.A. (Peace and Justice Studies), Wellesley College; Elementary Education Licensure
Fun facts:
  • Lisa likes to paint, sew, make ceramics, and weave.
  • Lisa loves to travel and has taught and researched education in Europe, Asia, and Africa!

Anna Slavin

At NS since: 2017
Position: Level 3 teacher
Education: M.Ed. (Childhood Education, Museum Education), Bank Street Graduate School of Education
Fun facts:
  • Before classroom teaching, Anna taught in museums. She has taught in five museums including the American Museum of Natural History and the Whitney Museum in NYC.
  • Anna was born and raised in Cambridge and still live across the river today!
  • Anna wrote and illustrated a picture book about dyslexia for kids with dyslexia.

Priscilla Saul

At NS since: 2017
Position: Administrative Assistant
Education: MSM, Emmanuel College
Fun facts:
  • Priscilla has a love for the arts. She visits the Museum of Fine Arts once a year.
  • Priscilla loves to exercise. She was a sprinter on the Regis College Track and Field team.
  • Priscilla is a Netflix junkie (if she could, she would watch documentaries all day everyday).

Heidi Strike

At NS since: 2018
Position: Level 4 Assistant Teacher
Education: B.A. (Anthropology), College of Wooster
Fun facts:
  • Born and raised in Minnesota, Heidi grew up surrounded by dogs as her family volunteered for an animal rescue group. She adores dogs of all shapes and sizes!
  • Heidi has traveled to 36 countries (and counting!)
  • In her spare time, you can find Heidi biking around looking for the best chai tea.

Faculty photos by 3rd Eye Photo.