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NS students and teachers are "springing" into learning in our backyard, in Franklin Park, and at Forest Hills Covenant Church.

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Small class size Small class size Intimate class size means students benefit from ongoing small-group & one-on-one instruction
Mixed-age education Students benefit socially & academically, changing positions in a level's age continuum from year to year and making friends in other levels Mixed-age education
Learning in the city Learning in the city NS offers transformative, personalized learning for children representing the ethnic & socio-economic diversity of Boston's neighborhoods
Learning through the arts Creativity flourishes in weekly music & art classes, whole-school concerts, drama productions, & all-school assemblies Learning through the arts
Teachers as model learners Teachers as model learners NS founders & experienced staff nurture the next generation of educators
Community Partnership among teachers, students, and parents makes NS a learning community powered by love Community

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