Second Story, NS Biennial Play

Friday, March 6 at 10:30am 
Saturday, March 7 at 3pm

Roxbury Community College Media Arts Center 
1234 Columbus Avenue, Roxbury Crossing, MA 02120

Join the students of Neighborhood School for an original play that explores the assumptions we make about each other based on stereotypes, and the stories we imagine to be true when we have a limited perspective. The play focuses on a group of middle school students who have been given what seems like a straightforward homework assignment, but that turns out to have more depth than they first assumed. The students find inspiration from comic books, circus arts, dance, music, and real life middle school concerns in their journey to understand what it means to see three dimensions in the people around them, and to refuse to reduce others to the two dimensions of a “single story”. 

written, directed, and choreographed by: Johnny Blazes
costume and stage design by: Jai Underhill

Admission by donation at the door
Appropriate for ages 4 and up
Refreshments Sale on Saturday

Parking is available at the Cedar Street Lot
(corner of Cedar and Columbus)