Balancing Water, NS Biennial Play

Balancing Water
An original musical play questioning the flow of resources through story, song, and puppetry.

Friday, March 9 at 7pm 
Saturday, March 10 at 3pm

Roxbury Community College Media Arts Center 
1234 Columbus Avenue, Roxbury Crossing, MA 02120

Mangrove forests are one of the richest biomes on the planet, so why are the water birds leaving in search of a new home? Will they be welcomed by inland neighbors (a giant tractor and a colony of insects) or forced to keep moving? What stopped the flow of fresh water into the mangrove’s brackish mix.? Actors ages 6-12 explore the beauty of nature when it is in balance, and problems created when it is not. Puppetry brings to life an all non-human cast of characters while exploring themes of scarcity and plenty, hoarding and sharing, and a question of whether everyone can get what they need. Original music underscores a search for home.

written and directed by: Steven Yakutis
puppetry directed by: Michelle Finston
music composed by: J. Johnson

Admission by donation at the door
Appropriate for ages 4 and up
Refreshments on sale!

Parking is available at the Cedar Street Lot
(corner of Cedar and Columbus)