Seeking shout-outs for Kaye

Kaye’s former students & their parents: send video or written words of congratulations (shout outs!), a favorite memory (brief!), or fill in the blank: “Kaye is…”. We’ll compile the messages into a single video for Kaye. Written format is easy: just email us at
Favorite photos of Kaye are also welcome. To upload photos or video:
1) Click the link to share your offering via a shared Dropbox folder organized by NS parent Soo Hong. Then you may sign in to Dropbox (if you have an existing account) or create a new account. Once you sign in or join, Soo’s shared Dropbox folder (“NS Photos and Video) will appear in your Dropbox folder. You can use your computer or any mobile device running Dropbox (a free app) to upload the photo(s) or video. For those of us who take photos and video on our phones or tablets, this could be a very simple upload process. On your iOS or Android device, tap the share option from the photo/video in your photo gallery. If the Dropbox app is installed on your mobile device, it will give you the option to upload that file to a specific Dropbox folder.
2) If you’d rather not use Dropbox, feel free to email pictures to